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老顾客,老故事 | Old Customers, Old Tales


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很多客人是从旧的 St Joseph's学校,还有 Stamford小学过来的。他们会来跟我说:他们以前就在我的 sarabat摊子附近读书。我告诉他们:“有很多人来告诉我有关于 St. Joseph学校的事情,也许你们是同学或校友,所以假如你有你们班级或是团体的照片,可以给我一张。”



因为他们是校友,所以我就会想:假如他们给我他们班的照片,我就可以把照片贴在这里,他们就可以认出:“嘿,这是我耶!那是你!” 他们常常告诉我同样的故事:“之前我在 St. Joseph读书的时候,mee siam一碗才三毛啊!五毛啊!” 之类的。我都会说: “是啊!是啊!” 你可能会问:“你怎么会知道?你又不是在那里出生的?”因为这么多年來,很多人不断告诉我同样的故事,我慢慢就知道啦。

那些人会告诉我他们以前在那里踢足球、然后去杂货店,还有吃只要三毛钱或五毛钱的mee siam。是咯,那个时候的薪水才多少钱?现在一碗mee siam都要卖三块钱了。









Many customers from the old St Joseph’s School and the Stamford Primary School. They were studying next to the sarabat stalls around there. They come and tell me. And I tell them - maybe they might be classmates or schoolmates, so many people come and tell me about St Joseph’s - so if you have a class or group photo you just pass it to me. One guy told me, “Okay I’ll pass it to you.” And then he disappeared, don’t know where he go.

They are schoolmates, so I was wondering “If they give me their class photos maybe I can stick around. ‘Hey this is me! That is me!’” They keep on telling me the same stories: “Last time I was in St Joseph’s I used to eat the mee siam for 3 cents, 5 cents.” All that things. I say “Yeah, yeah.” “How you know? You’re not born then!” “So many people telling me the same stories for so many years, I know lah.” 

All the school guys tell me they used to play football there, then go to the mamak shop, then eat mee siam only 3 cents, 5 cents. Ya la, that time how much the salary? Now the mee siam is $3 here.


[This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity]


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