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所以我爸爸给我们家发了一通电报,整个家里都鸡飞狗跳。我们以为他发生了什么事。但其实电报上面是说:“回去印度,立刻出发。” 只是要告诉我们他要回来印度了。

哇!突然之间整个晚上,大家都非常的开心。因为那个时候大家都不懂英文,对不对?所以他们必须要去找有读过书,懂得英文的人来看。所以一开始,大家都只能乱猜:可能是这样,可能是那样…之类的,这就是问题所在。直到后来,找到一个懂得英文的人,他才告诉我们:“哎呀,没事啦!他只是说他要回来了。” 我们家的人都超开心的,







I still remember. My father sent a telegram to my mother in India. 70s. Once - in the Indian mentality, usually lah - if one person received a telegram, it’s supposed to be a bad news. Like somebody passed away.

Usually they do that, they send telegram for them only lah.

So my father he sent a telegram to my family there. The whole house turned upside down. They thought something happened to him lah. Then after that, “Coming to India, starting immediately.” That’s it. Telling them he’s coming to India lah.

Wah then suddenly overnight everyone was very happy. Because they don’t have any English knowledge or anything, right? Then have to find the people who studied a bit, who can read English. So until then, this fellow will be assuming lah. This might be that, that might be this, this and that. That’s the problem. Until somebody come and read out “Eh nothing wrong lah this fellow coming back.” So happy.

I remember my mother and my grandmother, everybody was crying so loud. Late night. I was, I think, maybe around 7 years, 8 years old at that time. The black and white story is really quite tough, that time, their life. Now my sons all, they’re very lucky.

[This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity]


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