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Master Class

Philippe Gaulier
Master Class


In the realm of performance training for actors, Philippe Gaulier is one of today’s most influential and revolutionary theatre master.

Gaulier’s distinctive approach to theatre-making comes from ‘Le Jeu’ – ‘game and play’. He emphasises on the importance of joy, human nature and the pleasure of play.

In 1980, Gaulier established his own theatre school, École Philippe Gaulier, now based in Paris, and welcomes international students from more than 30 different countries each year. Gaulier also frequently tours all over the world to conduct his Master classes.

He is especially noted for his no-nonsense teaching style, mixed with a unique brand of sarcasm and sense of humour. In partnership with National Arts Council for the last four years, The Theatre Practice has been organising the Philippe Gaulier Master Class in Singapore, attracting full classes of local theatre practitioners who gleaned invaluable learning experiences!

Master Classes conducted in the last few years were:

2010 – Le Jeu
2011 – Melodrama
2012 – Clown
2013 – Bouffons
2014 – Shakespeare
2015 – Neutral Mask & Greek Tragedy
2016 - Le Jeu
2017 - Mask Play & Molière


We warmly welcome theatre practitioners and performing artists from all arenas to register for this rare opportunity each year to gain invaluable experiences from Gaulier’s teaching. It matters not if you are a newcomer in theatre or already at the top of your game in the performing arts, you will emerge vastly enriched from the workshop!

Learn more about Philippe Gaulier at his website:

Do look out for future Master Classes to come your way!

Art originates from life. Theatre is like a mirror that reflects the people and happenings in life from a different perspective, encouraging us to look within ourselves and to observe the ways of others.

Kuo Jian Hong | Artistic Director