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Philippe Gaulier Master Class 2015 - Neutral Mask & Greek Tragedy

What Is Neutral Mask?

Neutral mask is a valuable tool for actors' training, as it heightens their awareness of the body, habits and space.

What Is Greek Tragedy?

Greek tragedy is usually based on the tragic stories of legendary Greek heroes from the past. The performance of Greek tragedy in theatre presents audiences with an elevated sense of heroic beauty.  Aristotle once stated that "Tragedy, then, is an imitation of an action that is serious and complete, and which has some greatness about it."

What Is Phillippe Gaulier’s Neutral Mask & Greek Tragedy?

An opportunity discovers your own “beauty” on the stage and experience the marvelous power of Greek Tragedy. Putting on the mask, becoming the mask, so as to make the mask beautiful, and for the mask to make you beautiful too.


Master Class 

Date:          15.08.2015 - 19.08.2015 (Saturday to Wednesday)

Time:          10am - 4pm

Venue:       Centre 42 Black Box (54 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187953)

Language: English


Open Class

Date:     19.08.2015 (Wednesday)

Time:     2pm - 4pm

Fee:     $20 (Inclusive of 7% GST)

The most important aspect of an arts education for a child is its integration within culture itself. Culture sets forth the foundation on which a country is built upon: its direction, pathways and values. The education of arts and culture very much emphasizes the development of character.

Goh Lay Kuan | Co-Founder / Artistic Advisor