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11 ∙ Gao Xinjian Devised

Poor Theatre Series

Date:23 October - 3 November 2013

Venue:Stamford Arts Centre


11 • Gao Xingjian Devised is the final performance for TTP Lab 2013. Led by Lab Director, Liu Xiaoyi, 11 Lab participants underwent a year of training, discussion and sharing to bring you this collaborative work.

The performance will draw inspirations from the works of Gao Xingjian and sparks off a journey in the search of self and escapism - “Have you thought about leaving? Are you afraid of leaving? Why do you leave? When was the last time you thought of leaving? …”

This is a site-specific work performed in Mandarin and English.


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Our theatre should aspire to objectively critique life, respectfully entertain audiences, and forever explore new uncharted territories. Based on this basic consensus, we shall debate among ourselves vigorously as we support each other loyally.

Kuo Pao Kun | Co-Founder