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M1 Chinese Theatre Festival 2016

Date:21 July - 31 August 2016

Venue:Black Box @ Centre 42


A soulful monologue on life and its departure 

She says the body becomes 21 grams lighter upon death. 
She says that is the weight of the soul. 
No. That is merely the loss of water. 
Or, are our souls made of water?

She has no idea how to speak of his death. She can neither recount the incident nor knows what to make of this strange detachment. Who would listen and if that matters?

Co-creators, Janice Sze Wan Poon (Text / Hong Kong), Liu Xiaoyi (Director) and Melissa Leung Hiu Tuen (Performer) will bring you this soulful piece on the rupture of life and on death and its permanence.




赵卓平, 众观,25 July 2016



Our theatre should aspire to objectively critique life, respectfully entertain audiences, and forever explore new uncharted territories. Based on this basic consensus, we shall debate among ourselves vigorously as we support each other loyally.

Kuo Pao Kun | Co-Founder