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"If There're Seasons..."

Date:3 - 27 April 2014

Venue:Drama Centre Theatre


“If there are seasons I would see snow, but not here…”

After the demise of his girlfriend Jing, A-Le packs up to pursue his musical ambitions in New York. There he meets the easy-going A-Qiang, a fellow dream hunter from Singapore, who gets him a job at a restaurant. On a particular takeout delivery, an aspiring actress named Rose enters A-Le’s life. Soon a bittersweet friendship of battered dreams and bruised hearts is born amongst them. But with each passing day, Rose begins to feel a little more for A-Le. Unknown to them however, the future is about to change their lives and their friendship forever.

“There are no seasons here, but there is always love…”


Weaving together celebrated songwriter Liang Wern Fook’s best loved xinyao songs, acclaimed Hong Kong playwright Raymond To created a heartwarming and accessible story of love, friendship and dreams. Directed by The Theatre Practice’s Artistic Director Kuo Jian Hong, “If There’re Seasons…” features a world of memorable characters boasted by a stellar cast and a repertoire of familiar xinyao songs that will charm, move and inspire you.



The most important aspect of an arts education for a child is its integration within culture itself. Culture sets forth the foundation on which a country is built upon: its direction, pathways and values. The education of arts and culture very much emphasizes the development of character.

Goh Lay Kuan | Co-Founder / Artistic Advisor