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Lao Jiu: The Musical

Date:11 - 20 November 2005

Venue:Drama Centre Theatre


After eight daughters, a son is finally born – and no ordinary son is he.


Lao Jiu, the ninth-born, is the pride and joy of his father, an ex-gangster. It was foretold that this brilliant young man will achieve great success in life. Now on the brink of winning a prestigious scholarship that will ensure a glorious career, Lao Jiu finds himself more fascinated by the dying art of puppetry and yearns to be a student of Shifu, his father’s closest friend. Torn between reality and dreams, modernity and tradition, he is determined to find his destiny.


Kuo Pao Kun’s classic play is brought back to the stage in a ground-breaking musical adaptation. This endearing story is now set to music and lyrics that will touch your heart in an unforgettable way. Featuring spectacular choreography and puppetry, the production brings together some of the best talents in Singapore and international artists from across three continents. Lao Jiu: The Musical will speak to you like no other.

The most important aspect of an arts education for a child is its integration within culture itself. Culture sets forth the foundation on which a country is built upon: its direction, pathways and values. The education of arts and culture very much emphasizes the development of character.

Goh Lay Kuan | Co-Founder / Artistic Advisor