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Liao Zhai Rocks!

Date:31 March - 17 April 2016

Venue:Drama Centre Theatre(National Library Building 3F)


Can once-in-a-lifetime happen again?

FATE is when the scholar Sang Xiao meets the vixen fox Ying Ning.

AFFECTION is when Ying Ning hides her identity to be with a mortal.

MISHAP is when the priest Cheng Ban Xian exposes her secret.

FOLLY is when Sang Xiao is tricked by the water spirit Feng San Niang.

LOVE is when Ying Ning risks her life to enter the Underworld.

Will the bittersweet lovers escape the bane of King Yama and change their destiny?

From the creative talents behind If There’re Seasons… and Lao Jiu: The Musical comes another long-awaited original Chinese musical, Liao Zhai Rocks!. First staged by The Theatre Practice in 2010, Liao Zhai Rocks! is finally back after 6 long years! Watch sparks fly as the stellar new cast tell a story of forbidden love that transcends life and death through the energy and expression of rock music. 


Playwright | Wu Xi
Lyricist | Xiaohan
Composer | Eric Ng
Director | Kuo Jian Hong, George Chan
Choreographer | George Chan
Arranger | Bang Wenfu
Music Director and Additional Arrangement | Julian Wong

Joanna Dong, Inred Liang, Sugie, Ethel Yap, Liu Xiaoyi, Darius Tan, Yeo Lyle,
Gloria Ang Xiao Teng, Jodi Chan, Chang Ting Wei, Darren Guo, Dwayne Lau, Frances Lee, Windson Liong, Katherine Tang, Terence Tay, Amanda Tee, Benjamin Wong





"Liao Zhai Rocks! is a spectacular production that hits the right notes and serves up ancient Chinese folklore as an entertaining extravaganza, palatable for all."

Lee Jian Xuan,The Straits Times,2 April 2016

"The ensemble is a force to be reckoned with. They brought the performance energy up and kept the environment alive in every scene they were in."

Teo Dawn,Popspoken,5 April 2016


王伟样,联合早报,12 April 2016





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