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Coffin Is Too Big For The Hole

Date:14 - 16 September 2001

Venue:Victoria Theatre


A grand coffin chosen by the deceased grandfather is found to be too big for the hole at his funeral! What should the grandson do?


Originally a monologue by Kuo Pao Kun, The Coffin is Too Big for the Hole has been transformed into a visual and aural feast; its full creative potential has been milked by Mr. Putu Wijaya, a prolific playwright, director and one of the most influential theatre figures in Indonesia.


This “Coffin” was premiered to critical acclaim at the Asian Arts Festival in Tokyo in 2000, an event dedicated to Kuo Pao Kun. It has been hailed as “an avant-garde shadow play” with soaring sounds and flying light and shadows that dance in space. This is the art of contemporary performance at its finest.



“And that is what it was for me. Madness. A flurry of wild images some of which I found to be simply that – images. Certainly always powerful and stunning – boredom never raised its ugly head in this performance – but not always relevant to the themes of the text as I had identified them in my mind. That, however, is not the point, as Teater Mandiri would no doubt have argued … More importantly, did it evoke an emotional response of some form in me? Yes. And there is a value in that even if I cannot verbalize that reaction. In my quiet, I felt so much.”

Kenneth Kwok,The Flying Inkpot,16 September 2001

Art originates from life. Theatre is like a mirror that reflects the people and happenings in life from a different perspective, encouraging us to look within ourselves and to observe the ways of others.

Kuo Jian Hong | Artistic Director