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Lake Odyssey (Chung Cheng High School performance)

Date:7 - 8 May 2004

Venue:Esplanade Theatre



Ma Lang loved drawing ever since he was young, but he was too poor even to buy a brush. Nevertheless, he was determined to learn the art. One night, an old man gave him a magical brush which would turn all of Ma Lang’s drawings into real, living things. After the Emperor heard of this, he arrested Ma Lang and demanded him to draw a tree that would bear everlasting riches to satisfy his greed. The wily Ma Lang tricked the Emperor and his corrupt officials to board a boat and sent them to their watery graves.



A long time ago in a peaceful village, there was a boy called Chang Li who played entrancing tunes on his flute. One day, his melodies brought forth two royalties: Princess Jing Wei and the Dragon Prince who tried to take Chang Li back to his palace by force. Upon seeing the injustice done, the righteous Jing Wei stopped the Dragon Prince and a bitter grudge was borne. Years later, when she was swimming in the sea, the enraged Dragon Prince raised a great storm and drowned Jing Wei. She turned into a bird and lived on, day after day, with grim determination to fill up the sea.



There was an old couple who was very poor. One day, when the old man was out chopping firewood, he met a magical bird. It granted him all of his wishes but his wife still demanded more. Although she rose from a nobody to an all-powerful empress, her greed left her unsatisfied. At long last, she was punished and turned into a stone.



An old childless couple chanced upon a giant peach one day, to their amazement, a child was born out of it and they named him Tao Tai Lang. When he grew up, his strength was unparalleled across the lands. Sadly, demons ran free and wreaked havoc everywhere. No sane person left their homes as the outside world was fraught with danger. With his mind set, Tao Tai Lang left home to put a stop to this. On his way to the Demon Island, he met a dog, a monkey and a rooster, all abandoned by their masters. With his three animal companions regaining their confidence along the way, they reached the island and went on for the final battle.



“I was overwhelmed by the high quality production which involved so many aesthetic CCA groups … I was delighted with the way each story synchronizes with each other, and how the music, the drums, the most beautiful dance movements, the use of IT to bring out the dramatic effects of the stories, the translation, the lighting, the stage props, costumes, the Wu Shu and every movement, the dramatization of the artistes, simply blend so well and so beautifully into an impactful finale.”

— Mrs. Julia Yeo-Ngoi Siew Ting,Teacher,1 July 2004

“Lake Odyssey is indeed a superb and fantastic performance. It was 75 minutes of pure entertainment, display of talents and most of all, commitment displayed by all those who were involved in one way or other. Three cheers for all the teachers and pupils who had worked very hard those gruelling weeks, months to make the production a very memorable one.”

— Mdm. Leong Sau Mei,Teacher,1 July 2004

Art originates from life. Theatre is like a mirror that reflects the people and happenings in life from a different perspective, encouraging us to look within ourselves and to observe the ways of others.

Kuo Jian Hong | Artistic Director