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The Animal Farm

Date:15 - 17 November 2002

Venue:Victoria Theatre


“Hurray! We did it, we are free at last!” …Have you ever pondered, what is it really like to be liberated, when liberty seems almost tangible after the passionate cries of celebration?


Ecstatic? Relieved? Sleepless? Possible… but a pig may surprise you with his response, “It is so hungry to be free.” Why does he say that?


A leader actually intends to make a public apology for his role in an unfortunate incident. However, a servile follower begs him sincerely, “We cannot lose your leadership!” In the end, the leader buries the truth.


Does deception originate from the leader or that imploring voice?


Overwhelmed by the barrage? Started furrowing your brows? You shouldn’t, for in Animal Farm, the latest production of The Theatre Practice, all these serious issues are dealt with in a light-hearted manner. Smiles will tug at the corners of your mouth as the novelty of the underlying lessons surfaces.


Animal Farm was originally a widely acclaimed masterpiece by the English author George Orwell. Hitherto, this classic English novel has been translated into many different languages. It has also been adapted into plays and film scripts in many different countries. Hailed as the canon of political novels, the original work is famous for its vigilant intention. While most people tend to concentrate their discussion on the novel’s in-depth criticism of totalitarian rule, The Theatre Practice choses to cut through an alternative path by personifying a group of dense and gullible animals without minds of their own. Besides adding a new dimension to the original work by reinforcing the impact on reality, this form of representation allows the performance to become most bustling, vivacious and even comical.


The Theatre Practice’s Animal Farm will playfully exhibit the dispositions of the different animals. There is a lively employment of body language, an enactment of the popular game show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, animals endeavouring to speak the human language and vice versa, as well as an ambience of battle violence created with puerile imagination. All these will be accommodated in a specially designed set of rustic, illusional concept.


If you are simply looking for some fun, come visit Animal Farm and discover the joy of a unique theatrical game. Or you may prefer an opportunity for some serious contemplation. Make a trip down to Animal Farm as well. It will definitely be a fruitful one as you will be challenged with a search to discover the import behind the trail of stage metaphors.


The production has an assemble of Asian talents: a collaborative effort of our directors from China and Singapore, a highly regarded Hong Kong lighting designer, a young New-York-trained set designer from the Philippines and a band of young actors from China and Singapore. Animal Farm is, indeed, a creative merge of different training and cultural backgrounds that introduces a new window of experience to students and the public as well.

Our theatre should aspire to objectively critique life, respectfully entertain audiences, and forever explore new uncharted territories. Based on this basic consensus, we shall debate among ourselves vigorously as we support each other loyally.

Kuo Pao Kun | Co-Founder