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老公 | Husband


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他早就死了!如果他还在的话,他已经84了。我今年78岁, 78。不管我发生什么事,我不能死!我老公走的时候,他是开摩托车的。我根本不知道他已经死了!我到医院看他的时候,他还在昏迷。(有客人来买东西)我没有卖很多啦,15张彩票而已,每张我赚5毛,也没有很多。赚不了什么钱。






He's dead! If he were still around, he would be 84. I am 78. 78. No matter what happens to me, I cannot seem to die! My husband drove the pokpokchia (motorcycle) when he died. I did not even know he died! I saw him in the hospital and he was in coma. (Customer making a purchase) I don't sell a lot. 15 pieces of toto only. I earn fifty cents each. Not much also. Don't earn anything. 

[This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity]


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