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M1 华文小剧场节2015


地点:拉萨尔艺术学院 | 创意剧坊






"If you are looking for an honest play based on the banned script, then you will not find it here. The director has no intention of putting up a play relating the struggle during the 1960s; he is more interested in finding out: so, what now? Years Later, after the incident of a play that was banned, what is left of that generation? What is the next generation doing? … Liu’s direction highlights the essence of humanity from Kuo Pao Kun’s script and brings that essence to a new audience.”

Sam Kee,Centre42,17 July 2015

“… 少了当年的热血激昂,多了一份冷静,犹如透过望远镜眺望上一代所经历的动荡岁月。…《挣扎》似乎是刘晓义和团队一次高度个人化的实验。而实验的结果,或许只有曾经经历类似挣扎的人能够体验。”

— 邓华贵,《联合早报 · 现在》,18 July 2015

“Liu’s evocation of real people trying to make peace with their past mournfully suggests how censorship breaks artists… One wishes Liu had given more meat to the play instead of mostly mood and evocation, because there is so much to say about the play, the circumstances of its ban and the impact of censorship on artists. But ghosts, one supposes, can’t and won’t be hurried.”

— Helmi Yusof,The Business Times,24 July 2015



艺术教育对孩子最重要的是 - 它是文化的一部分。文化传达了一个国家最基本的“道”:方向、道路、价值。文化艺术的教育,更注重的是人格的成长。

吳丽娟|联合创办人 / 艺术顾问