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钱 | Money


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In the beginning, when I started working, my husband loved gambling. Actually, it is also because of his gambling that I stopped working. I work hard all day and at the end of the day, he takes all the money away. He takes all the money away!

My friends scolded me and asked why I didn't know how to '锁财‘ (lock wealth away). I have my reasons you see. If I keep money away, but he knows that I have money somewhere, and he looks for me afterwards, wouldn't that cause a lot of trouble? So, the better way is for him to take however much he wants, but he has to give me a small salary every month. Very little money.

Nowadays, life is so much better already.  One year, he lost more than a hundred thousand dollars. Not thousands. Hundreds of thousands! We had a flat that was en-bloc. He took the money and lost all of it within a year.

Nowadays, it is very hard for people of our generation to explain. Mine is an arranged marriage. Not by choice. His female cousin is married to my male cousin. 肥水不流外人田 (Fertile minerals should not flow to another's land)

In the beginning, I really did not want to be in this marriage. His salary was only about a hundred dollars each month. When I came to his house, there was no jewellery or dowry. He passed me $50 and told me to buy a wedding dress and shoes. How is that enough? Things were quite expensive back then!


[This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity]


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艺术教育对孩子最重要的是 - 它是文化的一部分。文化传达了一个国家最基本的“道”:方向、道路、价值。文化艺术的教育,更注重的是人格的成长。

吳丽娟|联合创办人 / 艺术顾问