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家人 | Family


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I am not close to my sister. I talk to my sister but she also doesn't listen to me.  She is 'ang-moh', English-educated, the kind that stay in Tanjong Katong! I am the only one from Chinese School.

When I came over from China, I was about to be married but my siblings were still very young, so they could go to English school. My husband wasn't rich. He just had some business. People think that just because you have a business, you are the boss. When I came into the family, they just gave me $50 to buy what I needed for the wedding. After the wedding, I also started working in my husband's uncle's shop. For Chinese New Year, I always had to prepare a lot of clothes for my family, because I was so scared that they would think that I had forgotten about them after marrying into a wealthy family.

I have always had many burdens on my shoulders. For example, I would always give some money to my sister and my parents. It is very tough! I could never bear to spend money on myself. I really cannot not bear it. I am used to frugality. I don't need to spend so much money. Like nowadays, I only need to spend $100 each month for my own expenses.


[This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity]


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