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日期: 2017年6月3日
时间: 8pm (7:45pm入场)
地点: 实堂, 58 Waterloo Street


About Chop Chilli Chop Collective:

Chop Chilli Chop Co. is a loose collective of young creators. Our working process begins with a conversation – personal or social – between ourselves that we wish to bring to audiences. The Chop Chilli Chop Collective is both a process and a product. When our ideas are structured into communicable building blocks, we experiment and play around, eventually piecing them together into a performance.

We believe that our pieces are only ever in-progress. They take new forms with new insights, as we negotiate ideas and shift perspectives - within ourselves, the range of talents and mentors we collaborate with, and our audience.


郭宝崑 | 联合创办人