1 Table 2 Chairs Experimental Series

A culmination of three original works

One table. Two Chairs. Twenty Minutes. Three Artists.

The rules have been set. The rest is free creation.

1 Table 2 Chairs Experimental Series returns once again for its sixth edition. This year, a diverse group of 9 young artists from various backgrounds, disciplines and nationalities will be invited for a four day artist residency and creative retreat. The artists will spend the mornings engaging in training and skill exchange, while the afternoons will see them divided into three groups for creative development. Their process will be documented and a series of presentations will mark the end of this residency. Working under exquisite pressure, the possibilities are endless.

1 Table 2 Chairs Experimental Series cordially invites you to witness our creative journey and await the culmination of three original works, three unexpected yet inspiring collisions.

Date: 25 – 27 August 2017

Venue: The Theatre Practice Rehearsal Studio

Festival: M1 Chinese Theatre Festival

Facilitator: Kuo Jian Hong

Artists: Gloria Ang Xiao Teng, Leonie Sarah Bruckner, Chiu Mi-Chen, Inch Chua, Goh Shou-Yi, Ng Mun Poh, Yusri ‘Shaggy’ Sapari, Scott Sneddon, Thong Pei Qin

Documenters: Hao Wei Kai, Koh Wen Jun Eugene, Li Shu Yu