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11: Kuo Pao Kun Devised, Again

To reiterate, we are starting anew.
Wandering amidst these centuries-old text, how do we see beyond him?”

In the beginning of this year, at the start of the Kuo Pao Kun Festival 2012, Liu Xiaoyi together with 10 young performers devised and created a site-specific work within the creative cocoon of the Stamford Arts Centre. To bring the festival to a close, Liu will now work with 10 veteran performers in 11: Kuo Pao Kun Devised, Again. They will draw inspirations from a wealth of Kuo’s scripts, papers, speeches, ideologies and incidents in Kuo’s life to create a new devised presentation. These selected performers have worked with Kuo, or have performed one of his major works, or are influenced by his artistic ideals.

Through this new site-specific work at Stamford Arts Centre, these practitioners hope to examine Kuo’s artistic legacy, as well as its impact on them.

Date: 1 – 11 November 2012

Venue: Stamford Arts Centre

Festival: Kuo Pao Kun Festival 2012: Poor Theatre Series

Director: Liu Xiaoyi

Actors: Ng Johnny, Su Jun Ying, Goh Guat Kian, Jean Ng, Li Xie, Jonathan Lim, Peter Sau, Alvin Chiam, Tay Kong Hui, Catherine Wong

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