28.09 - 01.10.2006 A secret untold. A passion hidden. A love defiant. A wealthy family burdened by its own silence. The storm is coming.

By The Way

04 -13.08.2006 A director breaks out of her silence in a corner of the rehearsal room. But she is ‘The Director of Past’. She can neither direct ‘The Actress with a Role’ nor find a role for ‘She in Rehearsal’.

Objects of Desire

16 – 21.05.2006 Objects of Desire challenges each performer to use their bodies and vocals to depict everyday objects and explore their hidden depths and desires.


31.03 – 09.04.2006 “Catman” is a quirky and inquisitive play written by Liu Xiaoyi and directed by Alvin Chiam. The text-based work is a nightmarish absurdist take on emotional castration and our search for identity in the modern world.