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About Us

The Theatre Practice (Practice) is Singapore’s longest-standing professional bilingual theatre institution. Artist-driven and deeply progressive, Practice strives to be an arts space in Singapore that consciously nurtures and empowers people who care about humanity. Over the past 57 years, we have developed and presented works that aim to reflect the richness and complexities of Singapore’s diverse cultures.

Today, we carry on the work of our visionary co-founders and cultural medallion recipients, Kuo Pao Kun and Goh Lay Kuan. Under the helm of current Artistic Director Kuo Jian Hong, Practice continues to shape Singapore’s cultural landscape as the definitive voice in Singapore theatre. Jian Hong is deeply influenced by the importance of play in art-making and under her leadership, Practice has become the embodiment of the irrepressible spirit and fearless experimentation of play.

Practice is motivated by a desire to always respectfully entertain. We have collaborated with Singapore and international artists alike to present a critically-acclaimed repertoire of over 350 productions including musicals, classics, original and experimental works. We have toured extensively in the region. Many of our works have entered the canon of Southeast Asian literature and have been adapted and presented by theatre companies worldwide, presenting an authentically Singaporean voice on the world stage.

Since our inception, Practice has served as a cultural bridge between Asia and the world. Our current theatre festival – Patch! A (Live) Theatre Festival of Play – comes from a legacy of carefully curated festivals and seminars that gather practitioners of all disciplines and cultures for sharing and exchange, while providing a valuable platform for outstanding international works.

As pioneers in Arts Education in Singapore, Practice has been instrumental both in nurturing leaders in the Singapore arts scene, and inculcating a love for the arts in generations of Singapore youth.

Artistically diverse and constantly relevant, Practice will always engage in the ceaseless exploration of new frontiers.

The Theatre Practice is supported by the National Arts Council under the Major Company Scheme for the period of April 2020 to March 2023. Practice is also an Institution of Public Character and a member of the Singapore Chinese Language Theatre Alliance.