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Practice Children‘s Courses

A Child-oriented Arts Education

A Child-oriented Arts Education focuses on a child’s holistic growth. We believe that a child learns best in a stress-free environment and through appropriate learning methods that cater to the child’s interests and readiness. How do we achieve this? The answer is Play!

Play is a part of human instinct and a natural way to learn. Through play, children learn the need for self-discipline, sharing, mutual support, understanding, acceptance, respect, unity and teamwork. Therefore, PEP integrates play into arts education, allowing children to explore the world through playing without any limitation. 

Laughter from the class reflects not only the fruits of our labour; it also speaks of the children’s delight in the process of self-discovery. It is a child’s nature to be curious and passionate about life. Add in the element of play, children will be unstoppable in their desire to explore the world!

Our guard is most lowered when we engage in play. We are at our most imaginative and our true self can shine through. Why must we subscribe to the arbitrary restrictions and rigidities of society? Why must we forcefully regulate our children’s development into one fixed path? Why instead can’t we give these children the space to grow freely?

– Mdm Goh Lay Kuan, Co-founder and Artistic Advisor of The Theatre Practice


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We integrate play into arts education, allowing children to explore the world through playing without any limitation.

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