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Our Teachers

Ang Lay Hoon (Teacher Red): Teacher (Play In Arts)

Teacher Red has more than 20 years of teaching experience in the arts field. She holds a Specialist Diploma in Specific Learning Differences (Dyslexia) from DAS Academy and Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching, dance and music certificates. She is also a MOE registered dance instructor. Her past working experiences are with local music schools and Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts & Cultural Troupe coaching preschoolers music and movement programme. Currently, Teacher Red teaches at Creative O Preschoolers’ Bay for Creative Movement and Chinese Dance. She also coaches dance CCA in various primary schools.

Jodi Chan: Teacher (Drama Class)

Jodi graduated from the University of Exeter, United Kingdom, with a Master of Arts degree in Theatre Practice in 2013. She has been teaching “Drama Class” since 2015, and has also been working with young people in schools through drama workshops and CCA since 2014. Her performing credits in children’s productions include The Magic Paintbrush (2016), Nini in Changi Village (2014), Hello Ling! (2014), as well as various school shows. She aspires for more young people to be engaged with the arts, and more importantly, with the world that they live in, and in the process cultivate different perspectives and ways of thinking.

Kenny Lim: Assistant Teacher (Play In Arts)

Kenny studied Film & Television at the University of Queensland in Australia and later found his passion in live theatre when he returned to Singapore. He has been working with The Theatre Practice since 2011, taking on various roles such as Education & Outreach Executive and other ad-hoc projects. He is currently a Stage Manager for Practice’s touring school shows, as well as an Assistant Teacher for Play in Arts classes. He strongly believes in using Play in theatre to educate the younger generations and enjoys interacting with kids.

Liang Bin: Teacher (Play In Arts)

Liang Bin joined Practice Performing Arts School (PPAS) as a student in 1989. As one of the instructors for Play in Arts, he is very experienced in engaging young children in fun and meaningful ways. Active in the dance scene, he has been performing contemporary dance and Chinese dance with various troupes. He co-founded Xin Yi Dance Company in 2015.

Liew Jia Yi: Teacher (Story Banq) & Assistant Teacher (Play In Arts)

Jia Yi is an arts practitioner based in Singapore. She has been involved in theatre since her secondary school days and was trained in ARTivate, which is the  youth wing of a local theatre company Drama Box. She was also a member of  Emergency Shelter, which is an artist training and research programme under  Emergency Stairs, a Singapore-based international experimental arts group. She graduated from the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Nanyang  Technological University, with a major in Psychology, which provided her an  additional perspective into the human experience to support her roles as a  performer and an educator. She has also ventured into other roles such as that of a  producer, documentation writer, and facilitator.

Ng Mun Poh (Minbao/Teacher Bread): Teacher (Story Banq & Drama Class)

Mun Poh is an Associate Artist at The Theatre Practice. She has participated in various productions and is also conducting short and long-term drama courses and training in local primary and secondary schools. With her passion in performing and teaching, she shares her life and stage experiences with the children. The imagination and creativity of her students are a source of inspiration for her.

Ng Shi Jie: Assistant Teacher (Play In Arts & Story Banq)

Shi Jie is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy(OT) at the Singapore Institute of Technology. Prior to that, she was an early intervention teacher in Rainbow Centre and a volunteer at The Artground. She believes in the importance of early childhood education to nurture children to express themselves. She aspires to curate inclusive arts programmes using multi-sensory approaches and incorporating creative arts in OT.

Patricia Cheng: Curriculum Development

Patricia graduated from the NTU/NIE, with a Bachelor of Arts with Diploma in Education degree in 1998.  She credits Arts doyen Kuo Pao Kun for bringing her into the theatre and instilling a love for learning.  She has been teaching in mainstream schools for twenty years before returning to the theatre scene as both educator and advocate for playmaking and curriculum in The Theatre Practice. Prior to that, she was involved in the theatre scene mostly as an ensemble or crew in productions. Her performing credits in theatre productions include Savage Land (1996), Geylang People in the Net (1997), Teochew Kangaroo (1998), The Spirits Play (1998) and A Hundred Years in Waiting (2001). She was also a drama teacher with the Young People’s Performing Arts Ensemble (1997 – 2001). She aspires to bring more young people to interact and play together to create authentic and meaningful connections and conversations through the arts platform.