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Corporate Training

Building foundations for the “New Normal”: How fostering right-brain thinking through Drama builds imagination, adaptability and productivity 

To survive in this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, individuals and organisations must constantly re-evaluate and ask themselves these three questions:

  1. What are the necessary capabilities my team needs to weather this VUCA world?
  2. What critical skills can we acquire to level up?
  3. How do I excel in the “New Normal”?  

If you have asked yourself at least one of these three questions, Practice’s Corporate Training Programme is here for you. 

Facing unhealthy work culture, unhealthy team dynamics and general unproductivity challenges? Find out which workshop suits your needs.

We offer four corporate training workshops, catered to your needs:

  • TALK Lah!
  • UPGRADE Lah!
  • CHIONG Lah!

Practice’s Pedagogy is all about the training of the right brain. This pedagogy originates from our long-established Play-in-Arts curriculum. Developed by Mdm Goh Lay Kuan, Play-in-Arts refers to the combination of play and drama in a workshop setting.
Kuo Jian Hong is the Artistic Director of The Theatre Practice — the longest-running bilingual theatre company in Singapore. With more than 30 years of professional experience under her belt, she is also an award-winning veteran director, designer, storyteller, filmmaker and facilitator. 

Feedback from previous participants:

“We are often affected by unnecessary fear and worry Performance, this is what I most agree with and feel the most. What I acknowledged, and what resonated with me the most, is the fact that our work performance is often affected by unnecessary fears and worries.”

Participant from Berries World Of Learning School

“The workshop was an eye-opener which helped me to better relate to drama as an art form. It also helped me to see the potential of using drama to strengthen awareness of and also deepen relationships with others due its communicative nature. Thank you Gloria and Jian Hong for being such patient and skillful instructors :)”

Participant from Loyang View Secondary School

“It was very fun, taught us how to communicate.”

Participant from Timbre Group

“Active interaction among peers, encouraging/supportive trainer.”

Participant from Timbre Group