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National Story Challenge

National Story Challenge (2007-2017)

No safety in scripts. No time to ponder.
Will your imagination take flight, or will it flounder?
Spin a tale, tell a story. If they’re not fast asleep, you’re halfway to glory.
The Theatre Practice has officially thrown the gauntlet… Are you game? 

First introduced in 2006 as part of our Street Play programme for the Singapore Arts Festival Fringe, the National Story Challenge is an original improvisational storytelling competition created by The Theatre Practice, and open to students in all primary and secondary schools.

The National Story Challenge is so named because it demands versatility from challengers. From cognition to creativity, to cooperation in Team categories, the National Story Challenge draws from a wide array of skill sets. Pushing the limits of wit and creativity, the tournament promotes eloquence and a healthy interest in language.

Regardless of nationality, ethnicity and gender, all students are welcome to take up the challenge!

The National Story Challenge competition is divided into English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil tournaments, with respective individual and team entries.