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School Programmes

2023 School Programmes Booklet

School Shows

Reinventing classic Mandarin nursery rhymes as a mini jukebox musical, this high-energy, interactive show invites students to sing, dance and groove along.


Let your imagination and creativity run wild with this Practice staple! No show is ever the same — play with language with this zany improvisational participatory show.


Responding to Kuo Pao Kun’s The Silly Little Girl and The Funny Old Tree, Poppy follows the story of a teenage environmentalist in present-day Singapore. 


Student Workshops

Builds a deep understanding about a specific aspect of theatre. Choose between Vocal and Speech Training, Acting, Body Movement, Storytelling, Directing, Scriptwriting, Production and Stage Management.

Uses improvisation, movement and voice to cultivate the student’s creativity and language skills. Based off Practice’s long-running Story Challenge school shows. 

Understand and handle different stages of conflict in school by harnessing process drama techniques and forum theatre interventions.

Online Learning Programmes

Complement your syllabus with our comprehensive and highly modular digital lesson plans.


School Talks​

Playwright, dramatist and a pioneer of Singapore theatre — get to know the man behind the seminal works The Silly Little Girl And The Funny Old Tree and Kopitiam.


What goes into creating live performance? Get a behind the scenes look at your favourite Practice productions and learn the basics of theatre from our art-makers.


Teacher Training Workshops

Expose yourself to new insights and learn how to integrate elements of theatre into your daily classroom instruction. 

Gain a better understanding about the inner workings of a professional theatre production and its creative process.


Tote Board Arts Grant

All PEP school programmes are accepted under the National Arts Council – Arts Education Programme (“NAC-AEP”) 2023-2025. Schools may use the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise up to 50% of the programme cost under the NAC-AEP.

Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme

The following programmes are available for schools to book using Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme fund:

1) Story Challenge — Performance (in Mandarin)
2) The Nursery Rhymes Project: Imagine Our Songs
3) Canned Rat Meat

Speak Mandarin Campaign

The following subsidised programmes are supported by the Speak Mandarin Campaign:

1) Story Challenge — Performance (in Mandarin)
2) The Nursery Rhymes Project: Imagine Our Songs
3) Canned Rat Meat

Speak Good English Movement

The following subsidised programmes are supported by the Speak Good English Movement:

1) Story Challenge — Performance (in English)
2) Story Challenge — Workshops (in English) 

For more information, please contact our Advocacy Team at [email protected].