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Canned Rat Meat

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it! There is a Black Death (Plague) outbreak in South Africa!” 

To support his family, Panchito began working at an overseas meat packing company. This company wants to bid for a project that provides 2000 tonnes of meat to South Africa. Thus begins Panchito’s quest to search for the cheapest meat. Is it beef? Mutton? Even pork?

And what does Panchito’s journey have to do with the Black Death outbreaks in South Africa?

With a witty script and highly entertaining show format, Canned Rat Meat is an ideal entry point for students to begin reflecting on issues such as professional ethics, equality, and human rights.

Playwright: Osvaldo Dragún
Director: Thong Pei Qin
Target Audience: Secondary to Tertiary Level
Student Capacity: Maximum 200
Language: Mandarin
Duration: 45 minutes
Fee: $1,800 + prevailing GST (Tote Board Arts Grant can be used)
Venue & Technical Requirements: School hall or auditorium; sound equipment will be provided