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Drama CCA Programme

The aim of Drama CCA Programme is to allow students to develop a better understanding of theatre. Through consistent exposure and theatrical training, it allows students to have a better appreciation for the arts, develop their character, and to improve their ability to express themselves. Our Drama CCA Programme will touch on different aspects of theatre including script writing, directing, rehearsing and performing. The training will build a mature and well-rounded drama programme while preparing students for various inter-school competitions and showcase performances.

This course can be tailored to suit the school’s needs, ranging from a single structured programme for all levels, to a long-term development programme customised for each individual level.

Target Audience: Primary, Secondary and Junior College Level
Student Capacity: Instructor to student ratio of 1:30
Language: Mandarin or English (Please choose one)
Suggested Class Duration: 24 sessions, 2 hours each
Venue & Technical Requirements: A studio or an empty classroom with tables/chairs cleared to the sides