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Story Challenge - Customised Course

Go more in-depth with the customised “Story Challenge” Course! Through long-term training, it aims to familiarise students with the structure of “Story Challenge”, and learn to infuse creativity into stories. With the use of creative improvisation and activities through theatre education, students can let their imagination fly and use language in a flexible way. On a deeper level, students will become more observant, learn to critically evaluate current issues, and improve their language skills. They also expand their knowledge bank to help them in story writing and performing. 


  1. Theatre Games

For team collaboration, awareness of oneself and others, creativity, self-confidence, and loosening up of the body.

  1. Training Through Theatre

For character development, enhanced analytical skills, and confidence in using the language to spin narratives.

  1. Story Challenge

A series of small-group improvisational storytelling performances, which showcase the skills learnt, marking the culmination of the course.

Target Audience: Primary and Secondary Level
Student Capacity: Maximum 25 per class
Language: Mandarin, English, Malay OR Tamil (Please choose one)
Duration: 8–12 sessions, 2–4 hours each
Venue & Technical Requirements: A studio or an empty classroom with tables/chairs cleared to the sides.