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Story Challenge — Performance

No safety in scripts. No time to ponder.

Will your imagination take flight, or will it flounder?

Spin a tale, tell a story. If they’re not fast asleep, you’re halfway to glory.

The Theatre Practice has officially thrown the gauntlet… Are you game?

Faster than you can say on-the-spot improvisation, The Theatre Practice brings the mind-bending, fast-talking madness of Story Challenge straight to your school.

In the last few years, we have brought the show to over 90 schools, and reached over 60,000 students. The audience participates by contributing themes and conditions for the stories to be told by our quick-thinking actors, who are given a mere five minutes to create each story.

Not your typical performance. Let your imagination and creativity run wild. We challenge you to think outside the norm!

Suitable for: Primary 3 to Secondary 5
Language: Mandarin OR English
Duration: Digital: 30 mins/Physical: 45 mins
Fee: $1,600 + prevailing GST (click here for full list of subsidies)
Venue & Technical Requirements: Performance space needs to be a school hall or auditorium. Sound equipment will be provided by The Theatre Practice team.