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"Story Challenge" Workshop

“Story Challenge” Workshop brings the spirit of “Story Challenge” into classrooms! This fun-filled and creative workshop aims to expose students to the format of “Story Challenge”, teach them the art of improvisation and encourage free expression. In these sessions, students will warm up through theatre games and find new ways to express themselves through creative movement, exploration of their own voices and improvisation. They will learn to think fast and work as a team, spinning wondrous tales based on themes and conditions given. The workshop can also be used as a foundation to cultivate students’ creativity and enhance their language skills.

Target Audience: Primary and Secondary Level
Student Capacity: Maximum 25 per class
Language: Mandarin, English, Malay OR Tamil (Please choose one)
Duration: 2–4 sessions, total of 4–8 hours
Venue & Technical Requirements: A studio or an empty classroom with tables/chairs leared to the sides.