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What is “Theatre”?

What is “theatre”?
Is it in our daily lives?
How many kinds of theatre are there?
How do I watch a show? 

Our educators from TTPEP have the answers to these questions. Through this talk, students gain deeper understanding of the various elements of theatre-making – from actors, directors, scripts, stage design, lighting, sound and more. This talk will also introduce students to the development of theatre, revealing different types of theatre that have emerged and evolved over the years. 

Using intriguing pictures and videos from our various productions, let us bring you on a crash course of what “Theatre” is!

Target Audience: Secondary and Tertiary
Student Capacity: Maximum 500
Available booking dates: Year round (Exact date and time to be discussed with the school)
Language: Mandarin or English (Please choose one)
Suggested Class Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Fee per instructor: $20 per student (Minimum $600 per booking) + prevailing GST
Venue & Technical Requirements: School hall or auditorium with projector and speakers

Option for digital edition.