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The Nursery Rhymes Project

A gift handed down from one generation to the next…

From the cradle, nursery rhymes have entertained and soothed us. Later on, these songs became our first exposure to language, and our foundation for learning about the wider world. A staple in every household, nursery rhymes are not only crucial to our children’s development and growth, they are integral parts of our heritage.

The Nursery Rhymes Project offers a much-needed update on our childhood favourites. Created to address the lack of quality Mandarin nursery rhymes material, it preserves the classic melodies and stories we grew up loving, while offering a modern refresh so they can be enjoyed by generations to come. 

Conceived by Artistic Director Kuo Jian Hong, the series offers multiple entry points into the world of Mandarin nursery rhymes, with each instalment consisting of three parts: Sing Our Songs (music album), Paint Our Songs (illustrated lyric book) and Imagine Our Songs (live performance).

The Nursery Rhymes Project 1 and 2 is now out!