About the Artists

Merissa Tang (Artist, Technical Theatre Practitioner)

Merissa is a technical theatre practitioner from Singapore, with a myriad of skills ranging in Stage/Production Management to Lighting/Projection systems and design. Her works include: ‘En Route’ (Singapore) by One Step at A Time Like This (Melbourne) x Singapore International Festival of Arts (2021), ‘#THEATRE’ (Singapore) by IN:DEX (2021), ‘SURGE’ (Melbourne) by Anouk Van Dijk (2020), ‘Shared Fictions’ (Melbourne) by Jo Lloyd (2019), ‘The Lesson: Community Tour’ (Singapore) by Drama Box (2017) and ‘Guilty Landscapes’ (Germany) by Singapore International Festival of Arts (2017).

Recipient of the National Arts Council (NAC) Scholarship (Singapore) in 2018, Merissa recently graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design and Production); at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, University of Melbourne. She continuously expands her theatrical knowledge in hopes of becoming a well-rounded production/technical manager.

Merissa believes that art can also be her computer being very easily hacked from anyone of all walks of life.

Syimah Sabtu (Artist, Independent Dance Artist)

Syimah Sabtu is a Dance Artist from Singapore. She graduated from Republic Polytechnic (Theatre and Arts Management) and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Dance).

Syimah’s movements are rooted in Malay traditional dance and contemporary dance. Her artistic praxis examines the kinesics state of the dancer’s body through exploring layered connections between personal histories, narratives and beliefs nestled within. She is currently investigating the Dualities of Being, to talk about bodies and space that we occupy.

Syimah believes that art should be accessible for anyone from all walks of life.

Syimah is currently a core associate with P7:1SMA Ltd and an artist in residency at Dance Nucleus, ARTEFACT#1.


Rosemainy Buang (Sound Designer)

Rosemainy is a musician, educator and composer. Traditionally trained in Gamelan for the past 10 years, she has taught Balinese and Javanese gamelan in various local and international schools.

She was the artistic director of Singapore’s only Balinese Gamelan ensemble, Gamelan Singamurti (Gamelan Asmaradana Ltd.), from 2013 to 2020. Apart from producing and composing for gamelan performances, she produced an EP titled Nunas Taksu: Seeking Guidance, a contemporary gamelan work.

Fuelled by the philosophy of gamelan in which establishing a relationship between the musician and the music requires more than hitting the right notes, Rose aspires to ascend towards rasa – the highest form of aesthetics in karawitan.

In 2020, she started SKALA to further explore her practice in creative collaborations with other art forms and practitioners, introducing traditional gamelan elements to movements and sounds.