About the Artists

Duo PlastiCITY (Producer/Artist)

Duo plastiCITY is an interdisciplinary duo comprising movement artist, Valerie Lim and saxophonist, Michellina Chan. They first met in their youth as classmates, now they find themselves challenging not only gravity but also the conception of audiences towards classical contemporary music and dance. Since their conception in 2015, they have tackled unconventional performance spaces, discovered new ways to convey music and dance in non-traditional forms and also collaborated with more artists in bigger settings.

Saxophonist Michellina is the first female Selmer Paris Artist in South-East Asia. A champion for chamber and new music, Michellina is a founding member of Xin Saxophone Quartet and K口U.

Valerie believes life must be spent pursuing what makes us feel the most alive. The mysteries of the human body, multi-disciplinary and immersive works deeply thrill her. Her artistic practice often deals with the universal but often isolating experiences of mortality and grief.