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It’s Not About The Numbers - Being Mortal

What is something on your bucket list? What makes for a good death? Why bother thinking about death in the first place?

Devised by interdisciplinary collective Duo plastiCITY, Being Mortal combines conversations, sensory-heightened experiences, soundscapes and improvised movement. Join dance artist Valerie Lim and musician Michellina Chan as they invite audiences to embrace mortality by (re)connecting with the physical body.

Honest, sensorial and deeply intimate, Being Mortal is a wonderfully alive work about death.


Being Mortal was developed under Practice Tuckshop Incubation 2021

It’s Not About The Numbers Series

Bigger is not always better! In a world ruled by cost, scalability and audience-size limits, Practice offers artists and audiences a refuge where the numbers don’t always need to make sense.

It’s Not About The Numbers is a series of live in-person works for single or small audiences. Join us to discover intimate connection through bite-sized adventures and surprising encounters.

Date: 14 – 16.08.2021 (Sat – Mon)
Time: 7pm, 8pm
Duration: 50 mins
Venue: Practice Tuckshop
Language: Presented in English

Ticket Price (excl. booking fees): $20
Buy tickets here:

Creative Team

Duo PlastiCITY

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