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By The Way

‘She in Rehearsal’ is searching for a role to play, trying one text after another, but never satisfied until she opens a book and…the character Eurydice re-lives, played by ‘The Actress with a Role’.  ‘She in Rehearsal’ thinks she has found her role at last.

‘The Actress with a Role’, however, remembers her dream as an actress and walks out of the role. She is searching for someone to direct her. The role ‘Eurydice’ disappears.

A director breaks out of her silence in a corner of the rehearsal room.  But she is ‘The Director of Past’.  She can neither direct ‘The Actress with a Role’ nor find a role for ‘She in Rehearsal’. And she is now yielding to her old dream of being an actress…

All three meet, each an actress in her own world, in her own dream. Each is searching for something …

Veteran theatre-maker Ang Gey Pin assembles an international group of artists of diverse cultural backgrounds for this multidisciplinary production. Singing texts and speaking songs, By The Way explores the intersections of theatre, music, literature and visual art to form a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, music and poetry.

By The Way is part of The Theatre Practice’s Poor Theatre Series.

Date: 4 – 13 August 2006

Venue: The Theatre Practice | Studio 4

Festival: Poor Theatre Series

Director: Ang Gey Pin (Singapore)

Composer/Musician:Nickolai Nickolov (Bulgaria)

Scenic / Costume: Letteria Giuffrè Pagano (Italy)

Cast: Serena Gatti (Italy), Letteria Giuffrè Pagano (Italy), Emmanuelle De Gasquet (France)