Lao Jiu: The Musical

Based on the late theatre doyen Kuo Pao Kun’s beloved play Lao Jiu, this award-winning musical is one of Practice’s seminal works and stands out as a shining landmark of original Singapore Chinese musical theatre, performing multiple sold-out runs in Singapore.

Liao Zhai Rocks!

This epic rock musical redefined the musical theatre genre in Singapore with its unexpected fusion of classic Chinese stories and a blistering score by Mandopop luminaries Eric Ng and Xiaohan.

Legends of the Southern Arch

A dazzling epic that merges the frameworks of wuxia’s cinematic genre with theatre and combines classic Chinese text with explosive stage combat and stunt choreography in a thrilling tale about injustice, vengeance and rebellion.

Blank Run

Combining video installation, soundscape, moving sets and physical theatre, Blank Run is a memory landscape that envelopes its audiences in a multisensory experience.

10 / 10 Variation

Starkly powerful, this cross-cultural exhibition combines the talents of two touring artists and two local artists in an exploration on how different bodies respond to the same stimulus.

The Ordinary and The Unspectacular

Devised alongside a distinguished veteran cast of Singapore theatre practitioners, Director Okorn-Kuo Jing Hong places the aging body front and centre, magnifying, examining and celebrating it for the journey it has travelled so far.


Combining live theatre with multimedia projection, magical illusions and songs, this exciting production also features a dynamic theatre-in-the-round staging, placing audience in the heart of the action.

Day I Met the Prince

Experience the joy of life and embark on a moving discovery of self-worth in this spirited stage adaptation of the beloved French classic fable, The Little Prince by late theatre doyen Kuo Pao Kun.