About the Artists

Ng Mun Poh (Playwright/Performer)

Mun Poh is a theatre practitioner, performer and educator. She has been in many productions such as The Bride Always Knocks Twice — Killer Secrets, Four Horse Road, Immortalx, The wee Question Mark series, Day I Met the Prince and Legends of the Southern Arch among others. As a returning participant of the international artist residency Artist Farm, Mun Poh has collaborated with artmakings from different backgrounds and practices to create works. She trained with The Theatre Practice’s Actor’s Lab. Her performance credits with Lab include The Nude, Upstream and Uproot. As strong advocate for children’s drama education, Mun Poh performed and taught in many primary and secondary schools in Singapore. Be it rehearsing, performing and teaching, she continues to explore her relationship with self and others through her work.

Lyle Yeo (Director)

Chua Teck Yeo (Yeo Lyle) is the, co-founder and artistic director of Kosong Space. He is a theatre director and actor, having graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts (Drama Department) and New Era College Drama & Visual Department (theatre major). As an artist, he endlessly explores the connection between art and life. He seeks to find the most constructive theatre form to trigger an inquiry of our human condition, especially to awake the embedded and the static. Thus, theatre can allow us to break away from the everyday to discover truthfulness.

His director works include “Dialogue of lack and lost”, “Now or Never Talk”, “Tell Me a Story”, “Inner Voices”, “The Moment, Silent Dark, Lights”, “ –in ”, “The Rules and Exceptions” , “Parasitism-City”, “Someone`s”.