About the Artists

Theo Chen (Artist)

Theo Chen is a playwright, performer, director, and producer. His first play, ’Cyril & Michael’, is slated to premiere in 2021 under Bridging the Gap collective.

In 2020, he founded Playwrights Commune, a collective focussed on developing new work for the Singaporean stage. From March till July 2021, he ran the Playwrights Commune space at 222 Queen Street, incubating works by emerging artists, and organized the “Open Studio” – a platform to generate energy around 75 new plays across all stages of development, involving 250 artists.

He is passionate about building intimacy between strangers, performing a one-on-one piece entitled “nights ago when I felt Blue” at The Substation earlier this year. He is grateful to continue this exploration with The Theatre Practice under their Tuckshop Incubation, with ‘days to come when I cease to..?’