Extinction Feast

Extinction Feast

A traditional symbol of prosperity, fish has always enjoyed an exalted place in Chinese cuisine and culture. While fish has never been cheap, what if the price paid is higher than we thought?

Inspired by Eating Chilli Crab in the Anthropocene, Extinction Feast is a humorous tale about the disjunct between our relationship with our favourite fish dishes, the price we are willing to pay, and all the annoying micro-decisions in-between. Assuming you have the luxury of choice, what would you do?

Experience it two ways:

Extinction Feast (In-Venue): Combining performance, video and tiny hors d’oeuvres, we question if our vicarious appetite for consumption can ever be sated.

Extinction Feast (Online): Combining interactive elements with live performance, this digital theatre production pokes fun at the age-old conundrum of “what does it mean to Do Good” in the age of consumption.

Extinction Feast is a Practice Tuckshop production. This programme is commissioned by Singapore Writers Festival. Singapore Writers Festival is organised by the Arts House Limited, commissioned by the National Arts Council.