In the theatre. On the stage.
He speaks not a word.
She moves not a finger.
The performer vocalizes her thoughts. She questions / whispers / blabbers / murmurs / shouts / moans / complains / lectures / commands / enlightens… in the absence of plot, character and dialogue.

Is this drama? What is drama? What is performance? What is a performer? What is an audience? What is theatre? Finally, what is art?

The Theatre Practice’s Lab Director Liu Xiaoyi will offers a philosophical meditation on what “theatre” entails. In Fluid, he challenges three aspects of theatre: the notion of performance, theatrical space and audience experience. In his words, the performance attempts to examine “theatre”, in the theatre and experiment “stage”, on the stage. Here at the Chinese Theatre Festival, this bold piece of meta-theatre makes its mark on the local Chinese-language theatre scene!

Date: 3 – 12 July 2014

Venue: Flexible Performance Space @ LASALLE College of the Arts

Festival: M1 Chinese Theatre Festival

Director and Playwright: Liu Xiaoyi

Lighting Designer: Gabriel Chan

Sound Artist and Music Composer: Darren Ng

Multimedia Artists: Ivan Lee, Ong Kian Peng

Cast: Li Xie, Lim Chin Huat

“There is a charming unaffectedness to this Chinese-language production that lulls one into believing it will adhere to a structure, only to gently and humorously interrupt these expectations time and time again… [Fluid] is gentle with its questions, leaving little ripples to expand outward, in an attempt to go beyond itself and welcome others into the fold.”

— Corrie Tan,The Straits Times,10 July 2014