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I am Queen

The Fifties. A time of vice and debauchery. When colonialism was defined by the surge of independence. Where culture was inspired by ideals that flourished.

But what has it all have to do with our beautiful stripper? Step into the land where she reigns as Queen and together we shall look upon his-story through her eyes, and unravel her tale with the tongues of men.

Following the life of cabaret star Betty Youn from orphan, to child bride, to beauty pageant contestant, to dancer, to kept lover, I am Queen is an exploration of womanhood oppressed- where their body is their only currency. Veteran director Wu Xi and playwrights Quah Sy Ren and Liu Xiaoyi evoke the romance of a bygone era and peel back the glitz of the cabaret for a intimate look at gender relations, morality and the intersection between the domestic and the political.

Date: 14 – 17 August 2008

Venue: Drama Centre Black Box

Festival: OCBC Singapore Theatre Festival

Director/ Set Design: Wu Xi

Playwrights: Quah Sy Ren, Liu Xiaoyi

Choreography: Jalyn Han

Costume Design/ Wardrobe Mistress: Vivianne Koh

Lighting Design/ Production Manager: Lee Bee Bee

Multimedia Design: Lim Keng San

Stage Manager: Ting Hock Hoe

Rehearsal Stage Manager: Gabriel Chan Wei Wen

Assistant Stage Manager: Song YeHuan

Set Coordinator: Chan Lee Lee

Stage Assistants: Lin Mingyu, Sum Kar Mun

Sound Coordinator: Cecilia Chow Chee Ching

Multimedia Operator: Ng Jie Ying Jessie

Hair Stylist: Ashley Lim

Wardrobe Assistant: Szeto Hui Yan

Surtitle Translation/ Operator: Zachary Ho Tze Siang

Cast: Peter Sau, Koh Wan Ching, Windson Liong, Eemien Sia, Liu Hong, He Le Miao

“The Theatre Practice managed to communicate something of the conflict and crisis of the times – the battle of men and women over women’s bodies, played out in a city that we’ve forgotten about too soon”

– Flying Inkpot (