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“If There’re Seasons…”

The winter of death numbs a lover’s pain,
The autumn of dreams lies awake in vain,
The summer of life sings its passing song,
And spring comes again… with courage to hope, and go on.

If there are seasons I would see snow, but not around here…
If There are no seasons here, but there is always love…

After the painful demise of his girlfriend, Ah Le leaves Singapore to pursue his musical ambitions in New York. There he meets and befriends fellow Singaporeans and dreamers Ah Qiang and Rose. Soon a bittersweet friendship of battered dreams and bruised hearts is born amongst them. Unknown to them however, the future is about to change their lives and their friendship forever…

“If There’re Seasons…” boasts an evocative score of beloved Xinyao hits written by Liang Wern Fook, a pioneer figure in this uniquely Singaporean vocal genre. Written by award-winning Hong Kong playwright Raymond To (Perhaps Love), this critically acclaimed jukebox musical tells a timeless story of love beyond death, friendships that go the distance and dreams that find their way home.

Date: 16 April – 10 May 2009

Venue: Drama Centre Theatre

Creative Team 

Composer & Lyricist: Liang Wern Fook

Playwright: Raymond To

Director: Kuo Jian Hong

Associate Director: Kuo Jian Hong

Music Arranger: Bang Wenfu

Music Arranger (New York Street Scene): DJ KoFlow

Musical Director & Vocal Coach: Lim Shieh Yih

Choreographer: Goh Lay Kuan

Hip-Hop Choreographer: Yenny Mulyati Widjaja

Set Designer: Lim Keng San

Costume Designer: Vivianne Koh

Lighting Designer: Dorothy Png

Sound Designer: Shah Mohd Tahir

Hair Designer: Ashley Lim

M.A.C Creative Artist: Beno Lim

Multimedia Designer: Zheng Tianyu Isaiah



A-Le: George Chan

Rose: Joanna Dong

A-Qiang: Jeffrey Low (Cast A) & Robin Goh (Cast B)

Xiao Jing: Sing Chew

Xiao Song: Ric Liu

Xiao Jiang: Windson Liong

Jun Qiang: Oliver Pang

Uncle Cheng: Lim Shieh Yih

Kitchen Uncle: Johnny Ng

Dishwashing Auntie: Catherine Sng

Ensemble: Chen JinFu, Isabella Chiam, Renee Chua, Hang Qian Chou, Lee Jun Er, Lee Qian Yu , Liu Hong,  Audrey Luo Baoling, Judy Ngo, Celine Rosa Tan, Catherine Wong

Robert: Peer Metze

Hip-Hop Girls: Farah Dawood, Clancy Ryan

Break Dancer: Yumida Sumitra (Boy)

Children: Chen JinFu, Lee Jun Er, Lee Qian Yu, Audrey Luo Baoling, Tammy Chan Liyi ( Cast A), Debbie Chan Liying (Cast A),  Leow Jia Le Enrico ( Cast A), Zoea Tania Chen Jin Yan (Cast B), Poo Chet Wee (Cast B), Poo Jun Sui ( Cast B), Poo Jun Wei (Cast B)



Conductor & Keyboardist: Belinda Foo

Keyboardist & Rehearsal Pianist: Julian Wong

Guitarist: Jonathan Koh

Bassist: Colin Yong

Percussionist: Vicknes Kumar Veerappan

Violinist (Principle): Lim Hui

Violinist (Saturday matinee performances): Crystal Wong

The premiere of IF THERE’RE SEASONS… in 2007 far exceeded our expectations.  All kinds of audiences came out of the woodwork Chinese theatre audiences, English theatre audiences, those who knew about us, those who have never heard of us, the young, the old…  Many came because of Liang Wern Fook’s songs or Raymond To’s writing, and many thought that Wern Fook’s songs were what made IF THERE’RE SEASONS… the success that it was.

For The Theatre Practice (TTP), the decision to go “backwards”, to start this creative process from the songs, was a very clear one with the declining number of Chinese theatre attendees, what can we do to convince them to give Chinese theatre a chance?  Our decision was to leverage on the strength of our cultural heritage with xinyao, and add to it the charisma of theatre, and create a local musical.  Taking it further, TTP also wished that the success of such a musical would be a catalyst for the re-birth of xinyao, allowing a new generation of audiences the chance to get to know our culture.  This was an opportunity to turn our heritage into new intellectual property, to turn memories into new sentiments.  With these objectives in mind, we are excited to enjoy the result of our hard work and we appreciate all the support you have given us!

The creation of every production is a miracle, and for something large and complicated like IF THERE’RE SEASONS…, it is even more challenging.  A work of such scale requires the efforts of many, many people.  Besides the actors on stage, production crew behind the scenes, administrative personnel at the front of house, and support from sponsors, media and volunteers, we also needed the contribution of local and overseas artists.  We worked together, learned from each other, and although TTP took the artistic lead, this is really a production that belongs to all of us a genuinely Singaporean voice.  This may be a local creation, but our larger ambition is to connect to every human being whether you have seen a musical, understand Chinese, grew up in Singapore, have experienced the emotions of being away from home, or not, we hope that IF THERE’RE SEASONS… can move you and entertain you just the same.

From 2007 to the present day, this team and company have gone through an extraordinary experience of growth together.  By the end of this run, we would have spent 21 weeks together, produced a soundtrack, performed 45 shows, lived through the minutiae of everyday life, shared our ideas in art and learned about each other’s aspirations in life.  To be able to re-stage IF THERE’RE SEASONS… is a rare luxury.  How often in life are we able to go back to something in the past, to fix our shortcomings and re-experience the excitement?  So here’s a big thank you to all of our old and new friends for accompanying us on this journey!

Every production carries its own purpose and style, and is unique for each person in the audience. But every once in a while, there comes a production that goes a bit further, and leaves a little mark on your memory.

We end with our hope that you will take a little bit of IF THERE’RE SEASONS… home with you today.