KAYA & ROTI: Welcome to Camp Breakfast!

KAYA & ROTI: Welcome to Camp Breakfast! is an at-home camping experience created for children and parents to enjoy together. Fun, imaginative and thoughtful, the camp promotes intergenerational bonding and inculcates a love of the Chinese language through activities like storytelling, arts and crafts, games and an excursion in your own backyard.

Conceptualised by the team behind Practice’s award-winning Theatre For Young Audiences programmes, the camp will be facilitated through Zoom by the artists and teachers from The Theatre Practice Education Project.  

A tent of sheets under a sky of fairy-light stars…transform your living room into a magical campsite and rediscover magic in what you THINK you already know. 


KAYA & ROTI: Welcome to Camp Breakfast! is a 2-day experience that will be conducted via Zoom in your homes. Each ticket includes sign-in for one device and one set of camp materials. 

Stories featured:

  • Don’t Catch Me!
  • Going Home
  • If I Could Be You…

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The HERE COMES KAYA & ROTI! series is part of The Nursery Rhymes Project

The Nursery Rhymes Project preserves the classic melodies and stories we grew up loving, while offering a modern refresh for future generations. Each instalment consists of three parts: Sing Our Songs (music album), Paint Our Songs (illustrated lyric book) and Imagine Our Songs (live performance).  

Camp dates/time: 
13.03.2021 (Sat), 1pm – 9pm
14.03.2021 (Sun), 8am – 11am
Duration: 2 days
Venue: Online – livestreaming
Ticket Price: $95 (excl. booking fees)
Conducted/Performed in Mandarin (no surtitles)
Recommended for ages 4 to 8
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Festival: Patch! A (Live) Theatre Festival of Play

Who can attend this camp? 

This camp is suitable for:

  • Families with children aged 4 and over. 
  • Each ticket includes sign-in for one device and one set of camp materials (recommended for 1-2 children).
  • Group size: Up to 2 children, with at least one parent/guardian (aged 21 and over) accompanying. (For larger families, please email us at [email protected])


Is this a physical camp?

No, Kaya & Roti: Welcome to Camp Breakfast! is an at-home camping experience. While activities will happen in and around your home, the camp will be conducted over Zoom by artists and teachers from The Theatre Practice Education Project. Every participant will also receive a camp kit from us to enhance their camping experience, and parents will be given additional instructions to guide you on your journey. 


What can I expect at the camp?

  1. Receive your camp kit to get started.
  2. Log on to meet your camp leaders- Kaya, Roti and Friends!
  3. Play games, listen to stories, get crafting, adventure outdoors…
  4. Build a tent in your living room!
  5. What else? It’s a surprise!


The Camp runs across 2 days, can I choose to take part in either one of the days only?

This camp is a 2-day experience which will run from 1pm – 9pm on Day 1 and 8am – 11am on Day 2. Participants must attend both days to get the full experience.


What will be included in the camp kit?

It’s a surprise! But a sneak peek – you will receive a camp passport to record your journey, materials for activities, games and tent building, and more. 


Will all activity materials be included in the camp kit?

Most of the materials required for the activities will be provided in the camp kit. However, participants will also be sent a short packing list before the start of the camp. 


Do I need to be logged in to Zoom throughout?

The camp will be facilitated mainly via Zoom where we can get to see each other and meet the other campers. However, there will be activities during the camp that will be done offline or outside your homes. But no worries, our support team will be there for you (through Telegram/Whatsapp) if you require any assistance during the experience.


What is the difference between this camp and Here Comes Kaya and Roti! “Where Are Our Friends?” (Interactive online theatre show)?

There are two main differences!

  1. Format: The interactive online theatre show will feature 3 episodes across 3 consecutive days.

    The camp is an extended and holistic experience designed for families to play, learn and rediscover your homes. While the storytelling segments from the show are also part of the camp, there is a much wider range of activities for you to participate in. Think of it like a holiday camp- but in your homes!

  2. Duration: The camp takes place over two days and is 11 hours in total (Day 1: 1-9pm, Day 2: 8-11am). The show takes place over three days and is 1.5 hours in total (30 minute each episode)


Can I join the camp if I or my child cannot speak Mandarin?

The camp will be conducted mainly in Mandarin, without surtitles. However, the camp kit and game instructions are all bilingual. 


Is the camp limited to Singapore residents only?


创意群 Creative Team

Camp Concept: Ang Xiao Ting 

Dramaturgs: Ang Xiao Ting, Ng Mun Poh

Camp Facilitator: Ang Lay Hoon (Teacher Red)

Camp Patrols: Leslie Choo, Heng Wei Ting

Directors: Isabella Chiam, Kuo Jian Hong, Ng Mun Poh (Going Home)

Playwright: Su Chun Ying

Set Designers: FERRY, Kuo Jian Hong

Puppetry Set Designer: Yin Zhi Yan

Lighting Designer: Kuo Jian Hong

Choreographer: Seong Hui Xuan

Multimedia Designer: Genevieve Peck

Costume Designer: MAX.TAN

Props Designer: FERRY

Music Composer and Arranger: Sim Shao Jean, Julian Wong 

Sound Designer: Sandra Tay

Script Adaptation and Cast: Ang Xiao Ting, Ng Mun Poh, Vester Ng Kian Soon

Production Team

Producer: Joey Cheng

Technical Director: Lee Bee Bee

Production Manager: Lam Dan Fong

Deputy Production Manager: Tang Ying Hua Merissa

Puppetry Set Maker: Joyce Gan 

Set and Props Assistant: Elspeth Ong, Skyler Wee

Production Coordinator & Stage Manager: Lai Jingwen

Production Crew: Rachel Ong, Tan Yi Kai, Tay Lin Ning

Festival Crew: Eliezer Chua

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