It's Not About The Numbers - Ma, Mum, Mak

Mother (Noun)
1: A female parent
2: Biggest cheerleader, fiercest defender, dispenser of unconditional love
3: One person who does the work of twenty
4. _____________________

What does it mean to be a “mother”? Are there other ways to define “mother”? What is your relationship with your mother?

Ma, Mum, Mak is an interactive experience that invites two strangers into conversation about the mother figures in their lives. Theatremaker Adi Jamaludin harnesses the power of participatory theatre to unpack the often-complicated relationship between mother, child and societal conventions.

Playful, intimate and introspective, Ma, Mum, Mak challenges us to reconsider the myth of motherhood in our personal contexts.

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It’s Not About The Numbers Series

Bigger is not always better! In a world ruled by cost and scalability, Practice offers artists and audiences a refuge where the numbers don’t always need to make sense.

It’s Not About The Numbers is a new series of live in-person works for single or small audiences. Join us to discover intimate connection through bite-sized adventures and surprising encounters.

03.04.2021 (Sat), 8pm, 9.30pm
04.04.2021 (Sun), 7pm, 8.30pm, 10pm
05.04.2021 (Mon), 7pm, 8pm, 9.30pm
06.04.2021 (Tue), 7pm, 8.30pm, 10pm
07.04.2021 (Wed), 7pm, 8.30pm, 10pm
08.04.2021 (Thu), 8pm, 9.30pm
09.04.2021 (Fri), 7pm, 8pm, 9.30pm
Duration: 45 mins
Venue: The Theatre Practice
Ticket Price (excl. booking fees): $18
Performed in English
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Festival: Patch! A (Live) Theatre Festival of Play

Creative Team

Producer & Artist: Adi Jamaludin

Technical Wizard: Faizal Masjudi

Production Team

Producer: Tan Yi Lin Michelle

Technical Director: Lee Bee Bee

Production Manager: Lam Dan Fong

Deputy Production Manager: Tang Ying Hua Merissa

Sound & Mic Operator: Rachel Ong

Festival Crew: Tay Lin Ning

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