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Moon Story

“Please stand behind the yellow line.” On a train platform, there is always someone who seems to be in a hurry.

As the train slowly pulls into the station and grinds to a halt by the platform, time suddenly comes to a standstill. After the pause, all exits are sealed off and the wait for the next train becomes indefinite. Everyone inside the station appears to be trapped, including a couple whose story begins when time stops.

Inspired by the Hong Kong comedy genre mo lei tou (translated to “no head or tail”), Moon Story blends strikingly minimalist design with hilarious hijinks. In this innovative absurdist play, the four-man cast throw logic out the window as they take a closer look at connection and communication in the modern age.

Moon Story was devised in collaboration with Hong Kong Repertory Theatre and was also presented in Hong Kong at the HKRep Black Box.

Date: 17 – 20 July 2008

Venue: Drama Centre Black Box

Co-Directors: Kuo Jian Hong (The Theatre Practice) and Fung Wai Heng (Hong Kong Repertory Theatre)

Playwright: Paul Poon

Set Design & Technical Direction: Eddie Lam

Costume Design: Annabel Yan

Lighting Design: Lau Ming Hang

Music and Sound Design: Yuen Cheuk Wa

Cast: Yau Ting Fai (Cast A), Jo Kwek (Cast A), Jeffery Low (Cast B), Wong Wai Chi (Cast B), Wang Wei, and Rosa Maria Velasco

“The characters in Moon Story are goofy, and the comedy they produce is often far-fetched, reminding one of Stephen Chow’s early movies… Yet, through it all, the actors bring to their performances a depth that makes us sympathize with them while we laugh.”

– Flying Inkpot (