Thump, thump, thump! Sound the horns!
Ready, get set, charge! Here comes Mulan on her gallant horse!

Meet our heroine, Mulan, the filial daughter from ancient China who disguised herself as a boy and joined the army in place of her aged father. In this dynamic re-telling of this familiar legend, we explore themes of family, duty and love. Audience members, both young and old, will definitely enjoy this adventure.

Join us in this legend with a modern twist, as we journey back in time with our heroine Mulan!

Date: 30 August – 8 September 2013

Venue: School of the Arts Singapore | Studio Theatre

Festival: Chinese Theatre Festival 2013

Director: Wong May Lan

Playwright: Su Chun Ying

Lighting and Set Designer: Kuo Jian Hong

Lighting Designer and Assistant Set Designer: Genevieve Peck

Sound Designer: Lv Lin Xuan

Cast: Hung Chit-Wah, Felix, Neo Hai Bin, Darius Tan, Fervyn Tan