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Objects of Desire

Are objects truly inanimate?

Come with an open mind – you’ll never look at your microwave the same way again!

Led by choreographer Kuo Jing Hong, this theatre-making movement project is devised by Theatre Training & Research Programme’s 4th cohort of year 1 students. Bringing together an international cast of artists from diverse backgrounds in theatre and the performing arts, Objects of Desire challenges each performer to use their bodies and vocals to depict everyday objects and explore their hidden depths and desires.

Date: 16 – 21 May 2006

Venue: The Theatre Practice | Studio 4

Festival: Poor Theatre Series

Director: Kuo Jing Hong

Production Manager: Ting Hock Hoe

Cast: Jaiakumar s/o Sinan (Singapore), Amy Tam Ka Man (Hong Kong), Sajeev Purushothama Kurup (India), Sreejith. Ramanan (India), Alberto Ruiz Lopez (Mexico), Seng Soo Meng (Malaysia), Zachary Ho (Singapore)