About Chinese Theatre Festival

Practice’s Chinese Theatre Festival is a sustained effort to create a space for Chinese-language performances in Singapore . It was started with the intent to address the lack of variety in Chinese theatre performances locally, as well as to make professional standard performances more accessible to both adults and children. As Kuo Jian Hong puts it: “For the Chinese theatre scene to thrive, it needs to be carefully tended.Only then can the saplings grow into trees, and trees into forest, endlessly, ceaselessly.”
Chinese Theatre Festival offers a wide spectrum of possibilities of Little Theatre. It adopts the term “Little Theatre” to frame the types of works it stages and presents. Little Theatre may refer to the performance space, the performance itself, and/or the presenting company of said performance. The phrase also connotes works that may be more “experimental” in nature. Hence, this festival is also comprised of local and international artists and theatre practitioners across the Chinese diaspora, who situate their practice within Little Theatre.


Tell Tales Sing Songs 
Am I Crying
 The Happy Prince
 The Story after Ah Q
Fringe Programmes:
Story Challenge
 Waste Not, Want Not


La Naissance
 Wanderer-Seeker: A Trek Around My Room
 Threshold: 1 Table 2 Chairs Experimental Series (Unsound, 10, WC)


Nini in Changi Village 
Mo Gu Notes
 The Mark Behind the Ear
Casting Sword
 1 Table 2 Chairs Experimental Series (Unsound 2, X2, Emperor Qin and Lady Meng Jiang)
Fringe Programmes:
Story Challenge 
INTERACT (Hsueh Mei Hua, Liu Xiao Yi, Yu Shan Lu, Wu Xi)
FOCUS (Kun Opera Theatre – Zhao Yu Tao, Sun Yijun)


The wee Question Mark and the Adventurer – A Children’s Musical
 The Struggle: Years Later
 The Last Supper Chronology on Death
 Into the Flood
 1 Tables 2 Chairs Experimental Series (Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral: Was, Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral: Is, Nothing)
Fringe Programmes:
Storytelling + Singing Session with The wee Question Mark and Friends
 INTERACT – In the Living Room
 Green Room


Day I Met the Prince 
To be continued 
Mamma Luna
 Day of Growing Up
 1 Table 2 Chairs Experimental Series (Descendants 600, Descendants 400, Gertrude – Ophelia)
Fringe Programmes:
Storytelling: My Flower, My Drawing 
INTERACT: The Importance of Children’s Theatre
 FOCUS: fleet from the Text 
Parent-Child Workshop: Wayang Time!


The wee Question Mark and the Nameless – A Family Musical
 The Seven Silences: Anger
 The Little Child 
Blank Run
 Lu Xun Blossoms 
1 Table 2 Chairs Experimental Series
Fringe Programmes:
The Nursery Rhymes Project: Imagine Our Songs 
Practice Tuckshop – Space of Possibilities
 INTERACT FOCUS: The Artistic Journey of Blank Run
 approaching theatre Workshop: The Thinking Performer
 Parent-Child Workshop: Let’s Make a Puppet!